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When an ISIS-supporting Muslim named Omar Mateen massacred 49 people at a nightclub in Orlando on June 12, Donald Trump reminded Americans that he is still the only political candidate to support a pause in the massive flow of Muslims entering the United States.  Trump made his proposal last December after another ISIS-supporting Muslim massacred 14 people at an office Christmas party in San Bernardino, California.

Donald Trump’s executive order on Muslim immigration is being hailed by ISIS as the shot in the arm the terror group needed to boost recruitment. 



A longstanding goal of ISIS has been to stage terror attacks in Western metropolises — like Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium for instance — in order to foment Islamophobia and create a hostile environment in those countries for moderate Muslims, forcing them to join the Islamic State after being labeled as outcasts by their home countries. Dabiq, the official magazine of ISIS, said as much in a 2015 issue.

“Muslims in the West will soon find themselves between one of two choices,” ISIS wrote.

We have warned you over, and over, and over again that Obama filled America with the very same type of Muslim migrants who killed all those people.  You know what the Muslim terrorists know now, when they do attack again? They know that they will be met with little or no resistance. Why?

refugees-welcome-edited-498x317  Because the Left has been brainwashed to protest “LET THEM IN” all in the mean time the ban is in place and ISIS will be forcing more muslims as recruitment. WE ARE FUCKED! Unless we are prepared, LOCKED AND LOADED!

Over the last 40 years, small groups of devout Muslim men have gathered in homes in U.S. cities to pray, memorize the Koran and discuss events of the day. But they also addressed their ultimate goal, one so controversial that it is a key reason they have operated in secrecy: to create Muslim states overseas and, they hope, someday in America as well. …Brotherhood members emphasize that they follow the laws of the nations in which they operate. They stress that they do not believe in overthrowing the U.S. government, but rather that they want as many people as possible to convert to Islam so that one day—perhaps generations from now—a majority of Americans will support a society governed by Islamic law.

Ask not what America can do for you, rather, prepare for the coming Muslim invasion!



  • If You Own a Gun for Self-Defense, Prepare yourself by practicing at your local gun range. 
  • Store Your Gun Somewhere Accessible, and with a Flashlight

I am not calling for revolution or riots in the street, no, nothing like that. What I am calling for is the exercise of our Constitutionally guaranteed right found within the Second Amendment to be able to defend ourselves when the moment arises. But in order to defend yourself when it all starts to go down, you must have previously prepared to do so.

We are in much the same situation today. The Muslim threat to the peace and security of America is as real as was the threat of Nazism and Communism. If God does not intervene, the day will come when a mushroom cloud will appear over a major American city signaling death and destruction unparalleled in U.S. history.

The apostle Paul warned us that if the trumpet is not blown loud and clear, the people will not prepare for war (1 Corinthians 14:8). Ezekiel tells us that we are watchmen who have the responsibility to warn the city of an approaching army of death and destruction. If we fail to warn people of the coming war with Islam, their blood will be on our hands (Ezekiel 33:1-6).

In order to convince people who Islam constitutes a clear and present danger to the peace of the world, we must first demonstrate that Islam has the will and the desire to destroy us and, second, that they now have the means to do so.




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How to Prepare for Terrorist Attack


Are We Fighting Terrorism or Are We Fighting Radical Islam?

There are all sorts of terms that have been abused both in media and on social networks: racism, war on terror, radical Islam, xenophobism…

Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

And now for the big question: Is Islam a religion of peace? While we can agree many Muslims are great people and practice their religion in peace, some of the things written in the Quran are pretty straightforward.

If we look at some of the Muslim countries around the world, we can see just how much suffering they have had to go through at the hands of their fundamentalist neighbors and leadership. Indonesia, Somalia, Nigeria, — all of these countries have large Muslim communities as well as a lack of liberties. On the other hand, countries and regions where Islam has little or no presence are enjoying a great degree of peace despite their lack of development or high corruption levels: Eastern Europe, Thailand, Mongolia.

I can hear liberals shout: But most terrorists are not Muslims!

It’s also true that the towns and neighborhoods where a heavy number of Muslims have moved into such places as Brussels. There’s places where no Christian or atheist will ever be regarded as safe. They don’t have to be terrorists in order to raise their voice when you don’t agree with them, to mock us, beat us up or even rape us, even though they’re the ones who are still living in the Middle Ages.

Terrorism is one thing but Muslims and Christians living together is the much bigger issue, especially considering they can all live in peace inside a number of Arab countries instead of flocking large European cities they have nothing in common with.

Just think about all the verbal and physical fights that are taking place every day. Forget who’s at fault for a moment. The mere act of us living together with them leads to so much pain and destruction.

It’s pretty clear to me that fundamentalist Muslims and a number of their “non-fundamentalist” brethren are the ones that are unhappy and are always looking to start a fight or mock someone.

What does the hatred between Muslims and everyone else have to do with terrorism? Well, as you know, the attackers of both the shootings in Paris as well as the shooters in November at the  theater were all French citizens, born on French soil. With Muslim communities that keep growing in Western Europe (and soon in the US), like right here in San Bernardo County. I just received word this week, there are a few cities surrounding me, that has Syrian refugees. They were literally dropped off! The likely hood of terrorists increases as their propaganda and videos spread. This morning we have a viral news warning about a possible terror attack before elections. So this is what brought me here today to write and bring some knowledgeable survival information.

Unless Trump is elected, we’re looking at a long-term problem here so we need to know how to deal with it. Make no mistake about it, terrorism is here to stay. If terrorists have their way, it is going to unleash in wave after wave of attacks.

Specific Advice On survival

Unlike the steps you can take to prepare for a natural disaster or other emergency, there isn’t much you can do to prepare for a terrorist attack goes the thinking of a lot of people.

However, I’d like to challenge that thought: There are actually several things we can do to increase our chances of survival by quite a bit. Yes, more people die in car crashes every year but that doesn’t mean we should pay no attention to terrorism. If we fail to do it, we’ll be no better than our “leaders” who’ve done the same and are now watching in shock and awe the disastrous consequences of not taking appropriate action.

Maybe our leaders a few decades back should have read the Quran before welcoming Muslims into their countries to become citizens. Or maybe Obama knows the Quran and this is why they are here!

But isn’t Radical Islam (not Islam) to blame for all this terror? Ultimately, the answer to that question is no. The answer to how Radical Islam became Radical Islam is found in the Quran. A literal interpretation of the Quran reveals “Allah’s” intentions for the world and how “Allah” is going to use his people to force the nations (infidels) to convert to Islam or be killed.

That is one reason why Radical Islamic followers consider Western “peace loving” Muslims to be apostate.

These “peace loving” Muslims don’t read their Quran the way it was written! But when their kids do read the Quran, guess what? A lot of these kids are “awakened” to the idea that Islam is destined to conquer the world and other religions and non-believers and apostates should be wiped out.

ISIS recruits them to Jihad.

Tips for Surviving an ISIS Terrorist Attack

Avoid large gatherings of people, particularly those that have anything to do with religion. Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t go to church but it’s best to avoid mega churches or churches with a large presence that also happen to be in or near a large city, especially cities with a Muslim population. Most terrorists gravitate around largely populated areas, waiting on their turn for the ultimate sacrifice.

You might say “But terrorists haven’t attacked churches. Why would I avoid church?”

Are you kidding me? Terrorists have been wiping out Christian church after church and other non-Muslims and “apostate” Muslims on a huge scale in several regions of the Middle East — all under the ISIS flag. Remember, that’s the same ISIS flag recruiting Muslims to Jihad in several western countries.

Though a U.S. church hasn’t been hit yet — several mega churches very well could be in the coming months.


#1. Avoid bad neighborhoods. The higher the crime rate, the more likely it is you’ll end up in a conflict with one of them. Whether or not you have a gun yourself, stay safe and avoid taking any chances. As peppers, we’re advised to move to the suburbs and distant smaller towns, but you have to do your homework before you actually do it.

#2. If you’re going to a concert or to the theater, be aware of all the exits and keep an eye out on who’s entering the venue. Make sure you get seats as close as possible to one or more evacuation routes. Also, make sure there’s nothing standing between you and those exit routes.

#3. When in a crowded square or city park, avoid sitting next to containers that may have bombs in them, such as trash cans, janitor carts, or laundry carts. I know this may seem a little far-fetched but it’s worth remembering in case your town or city will end up in a state of emergency.

#4. Be wary of Muslims. No, I’m not trying to be racist, I know very well there are plenty of nice people with their beliefs in Allah (though a bit misguided), I’m just trying to increase your chances of survival here. This doesn’t mean you have to start running every time you see a burka. You have to learn to read people by analyzing their facial expressions and their movements. You should also be weary of Muslims with babies strapped to their chests. Is the baby real or does it look like a doll? Remember, that might not be a baby in that baby carrier — it might be a bomb packed with shrapnel or worse.

#5. If you hear gun shots, don’t panic. There should only be one thing on your mind, escape. Run and run fast, forget everyone else except your spouse and kids. This is exactly what one of the guitarists of the Eagles of Death Metal band did the moment he heard shots. Take a look at how quickly he reacted to the terror attack in this video.

#6. If you’ve been shot and there’s no escape, prepare to “play dead.” This might be the thing that saves your life. Though some attackers have put bullets into bodies that have already been shot, there may be too much chaos going on for an attacker to notice you on the ground and not every attacker is likely to take that step. Besides, a smart attacker may not want to waste bullets on bodies that look dead when there are plenty of other live people to go for still; but if you’ve been shot, and you can still make a run for it, make that run if you see a path of escape.

#7. Learn to hide — some venues for an attack may offer a variety of possible hiding places if you’re quick on your feet. (This is something you can practice with your kids, particularly since they’re small and can hide better than you.)

#8. Practice your shooting skills — and then be mentally ready and alert to stop a terrorist in his or her tracks. This has been covered in depth in other articles and I’m not going to do it here. Even if you don’t carry or can’t have a gun, you should still practice shooting. What if you end up getting a gun out of the hands of a terrorist, would you be able to use it?

This shows just how far we are from peace as the terror from the Middle East has started spreading into Europe and other parts of the world. Will the United States be the next place for a shocking and deadly string of attacks? It’s pretty clear that this is one of ISIS’ goals — to hit the United States at home.



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Written by: Denise Ruiz/ APTA Founder

Purpose Of A B.O.B


What’s A B.O.B And Why Do We Need One?


A bug-out bag is basically a pack that you pre-stock with what you need to survive for 72 hours while trying to walk out of a disaster area and hopefully heading somewhere safer. There are many variations on the bug-out theme and a huge amount of information available on the topic, APTA is by no means experts, as each bug out bag is custom made to suit each family. The bag concept assumes you either, don’t have a vehicle or you are forced to abandon it. If you have a vehicle then the range of items you can carry with you goes up significantly. The basic idea though is to have what you need, ready to carry on your back. There are also time line variations. People prepare kits for shorter term like the 24 hour get-home bag and longer term, larger kits if you don’t think you will be coming back or have a very long trek to some safe destination.

Rather than make a huge list of items that might go in a BOB, below is an example of survival items to go inside.:

One bug-out bag per person with waterproof cover
Fixed blade survival knife (at least one)
Water filter (preferably a Katadyn)
9" X 12' (or) 12' x 12' lightweight nylon survival tarp with grommets
6' x 9' or 5' x 8' lightweight nylon tarp with grommets for tarp/tent floor 
Mummy style sleeping bag (1 per person)
Sleeping bag pad (1 per person)(3/4 size)(see Klymit sleeping bag pads)
50' 3/16" nylon rope (tent/tarp center-line - clothesline etc.
1 pack of nylon parachute cord or equivalent (staking & misc.)
6-12 lightweight heavy duty aluminum tent stakes
Binoculars, small, lightweight
Folding shovel
Folding saw with extra blade
Camp axe (not a hatchet)
Quality folding knife (1 per person)
Quality pocket knife (1 per person)(optional)
Heavy duty sewing kit with scissors and safety pins
Stick matches double wrapped in zip-lock bags
Survival candles (they can become heavy)
Bic lighter
Fire starter (magnesium or equivalent)
1 gal Zip-loc bag with newspaper strips for tinder
NO-SEE-UM head-net (minimum of 1 per person)(NOT MOSQUITO)
Lightweight cotton gloves (for mosquito protection)
Rain jacket or poncho (1 per person)
LED flashlight with AA batteries (1 per person)
2 extra AA batteries per flashlight
Knife sharpener
10" mill bastard file with handle (optional)
Small (not tiny) AM-FM radio with AA batteries
Extra set of AA batteries for radio
One water bottle or canteen per person
1 pint of unscented chlorine bleach (for water treatment)
1 eye-dropper or 1/2 teaspoon measuring spoon (water treatment)
Small pack of cheesecloth (water treatment)
Collapsible water carrier (optional)
Collapsible bucket (for hygiene & dishes)(optional)
Small folding metal camp cooking grill (optional)
50' Heavy Duty aluminum foil
1 per person - aluminum bowl and cup (heavy plastic ok)
1 per person - flatware set or spork (folding if possible)
1 large serving spoon (optional)
Small can opener
Quality nesting cookware set with fry-pan (not cheap aluminum)
2 dish cloths
1 each face-cloth & hand-towel per person
Packable (telescoping) fishing rod & reel (if possible)
Small tackle box with hooks-sinkers-corks-jigs etc
Waterproof medical kit (see the section on building a Survival Medical Kit)
1-2 bars of soap per person (Ivory is good)
TP - 1 squashed roll per person
Garden seeds (F-1 hybrid OK if no heirloom avail)
1 to 2 watches that ARE NOT battery operated

The following items are all optional but I suggest you take them if you can:

A perpetual calendar
A copy of the Constitution of the United States
A copy of the Declaration of Independence
A copy of the Bill of Rights
A copy of all amendments to the Constitution
A Holy Bible
A deck of cards or similar game (pastime)
A tablet and several pencils
Relevant map(s)
Old silver coins (and gold if you have them)


Substituting a survival tent and floor protector for the 2 tarps.
Adding a 50' length of 5/8" nylon climbing rope
Adding a tent repair kit
Adding a packet of sourdough starter
Upgrading the medical kit
Adding extra fishing equipment
Antibiotics - if you have them, take them along regardless of the room

The “EXTRAS” list is endless, but unfortunately the bags are not bottomless.

Remember — extra clothing will take up a significant amount of room in the Bug Out Bag. Extra socks are mandatory. You HAVE to eliminate blisters if you’re on foot. Make sure the food you pack is dehydrated or freeze dried.

Hopefully you will NEVER have to use your packed Bug Out Bag … but if you do, and you packed it using common sense and a lot of thought … you and your family will survive.


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The Psychology Of Survival

patriots-coverart2 Survival, really being prepared to survive; means being able to control your fears, manage your emotions, and put your ego in check. To truly be ready to survive, you need to cultivate a mindset that goes far beyond just having the skills to survive.

Now I’m not suggesting that knowledge isn’t a powerful ally, I’ve said many times in the past that “knowledge is the key to survival.” But if knowledge alone is enough to survive, why is it that so many people, with little to no actual survival training, have managed to survive some of the most horrific survival scenarios imaginable?


         What is it that drove these people to survive?

The key ingredient is mental attitude. Refusing to accept the thought that your situation is helpless. To refuse to accept the fact that you might die. Instead, un-waver the will to survive, and do not let your situation dictate your outcome. Chose to survive!

On the flip side of the coin, you can take someone with all the training in the world and give them every piece of survival gear every made, but without the will to survive that person is as good as dead. Having the knowledge of how to survive is important; having the will to survive is unquestionably the most significant factor in actual survival.

There is a mindset that will ensure survival.

Anyone forced into a survival situation, is going to experience unimaginable stressors that will ultimately influence their thinking. The overwhelming amount of stress that a survival situation will produce, and how you ultimately respond to that stress, will be the determining factor in your ability to survive that situation.

How Fear Affects Your Survival.

In a survival situation, fear usually affects a person in one of two ways. The first example is those that let fear take over to the point that they are unable to act. These people literally become debilitated by fear; so much so that they are literally unable to make any decisive decisions until ultimately their indecisiveness becomes their downfall.

The second example is people who let fear drive their actions. These people give into their body’s natural chemical reaction, and allow adrenaline take over. They are often quick to make decisions, usually at the expensive of thinking, and they ultimately fail because they get themselves into trouble that should have been easily avoided.

In both cases, the root cause of the problem is fear, and how the person lets that fear dictate what happens to them.

Developing a Survival Mindset.

The key to your survival, in any stressful situation, is your ability to manage your thoughts, your anxiety, and your fears. Your ability to take control of your mind is paramount to your ability to survive. The reactions that your body will experience in a survival situation when used in a healthy way, can actually propel you into doing things you never dreamed possible.

There are a couple of things that you can do to ensure your ability to handle stressful situations.

Check your Ego at the Door

Don’t give in to, “it will never happen to me” thinking. People often fool themselves into thinking that they have no fears, especially men. Most men consider fear to be a weakness; so much so, that a lot of them never admit, or analyze their own fears.

Even the strongest man in the world can’t escape their body’s reaction to a stressful situation. It’s wired into our DNA and is a natural part of the human condition.

Don’t pretend that you have no fears. Instead, truthfully analyze what things would cause the most anxiety should you be forced into a survival situation. By analyzing your fears, you can begin to train yourself in those areas of concern, and build confidence that can help you through those fearful situations.

The ability to maintain a positive mental attitude during a survival situation is something that needs to be taking seriously. It’s also something that you need to start working on now. Being able to maintain a positive attitude in a stressful situation takes practice. It’s not an easy thing to master, but once you do, it will be well worth the effort.

Train, Train & Keep on Training

Those who prepare themselves, through rigorous training, are less likely to submit to fear. In fact, the more you train yourself – in real world situations – the more likely it is that you’ll be able to manage your feelings during a real situation.

Most survival situations can be can be overcome by practicing the basics of survival. The more you train, the better you will be able to respond both physically and mentally to a stressful situation.



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What will you do when sh*t hits the fan?


        Survival Tips & Tactics… 

Number 1 – Police Scanners:

When a disaster does occur, a police scanner can be a valuable tool in your arsenal, especially if you are looking to evacuate. Police and fire scanners can alert you to where the disaster has occurred, is spreading, or if there is more danger in the way. This is vital especially if you are in an urban environment and your escape routes are limited. The Boston Marathon disaster is a good case study as many Bostonians took to a police scanner to stay inside while police were chasing the suspect around Boston. There are many devices available, as well iPhone and android police scanners, that you can pick up for a modest cost. We would recommend you invest in a scanner instead of an app just in case cell networks and internet streaming is down, which often happens when a disaster does occur.

Number 2 – OPSEC:
OPSEC is your best friend, especially if you’re in an urban environment. If you live in a high-rise or apartment complex it will be very difficult for you to conduct preppier actives with your neighbors all around you. This is one downside to living in an environment of this nature. You will need to practice and hone your OPSEC techniques and give more consideration to how much attention you draw to yourself during a disaster. Due to the number of people in an urban environment this is extremely valuable and you should practice scenarios where you bug-in and hold your ground. Avoiding attention in these scenarios is vital to your survival and extending your preppier timeline.

Number 3 – Car Maintenance:
Learning how to jump start your car is vital, especially in an urban environment. Your best bet of escape when you decide to bug-out is with your car. You won’t have the luxury of lying low and moving slowly through a forest like a rural preppier. You need to make a decision to evacuate and move as quickly as possible. If your car for some reason cannot start or is not properly maintained, the consequences may prove fatal. Make sure that you understand general maintenance on your car and how to handle simple problems, such as a dead battery. Make sure your oil is always fresh and that you keep at least a half a tank of gas in your car at all times. You never know when a disaster will occur, and the extra time it may take to fill up your car can be the difference between survival and death.

Number 4 – Bug Out Bag:
In an urban environment, time is of the essence when you make the conscious choice to evacuate. You may not have the luxury to go home and get your bug-out bag. And you might not have the luxury to make it back to your car before a disaster occurs. We recommend you store two 48 hour bug-out bags and one 24 hour bag. You should keep one 48 hour bag in your home and one in your car. You should keep the 24 hour bag at your work if possible. A small duffel bag that you can keep in a closet or in a drawer at work would be ideal. This will allow you to always have supplies should a disaster occur and evacuate imminent. If you can make it to your car or return home, you should consider this a bonus, but never assume it’s a guaranteed that you will make it to these locations.

Number 5 – Evacuation:
Knowing the difference between staying and evacuating is crucial when you live in urban environments. This decision and making this decision could be the difference between life and death, especially in an urban environment. Leaving immediately after a disaster occurs can leave you vulnerable to riots or additional attacks. You may also have to abandon your vehicle if you are stuck in mass traffic. There are certain scenarios where waiting out a disaster may be more beneficial than evacuating immediately. This may be contradictory to what we mentioned above and the majority of the time it’s better to evacuate immediately, but you should take some time to brainstorm and plan for disasters where your ideal scenario is to stay put for a few hours or decide to hunker down. Staying put in an urban area is also very difficult due to numerous factors, ranging from a large population to less than ideal conditions if you are living in a high-rise or apartment. Long term survival without power will require heating sources which are almost impossible in these locations, unless you want to risk burning your home down or you have the proper supplies. So keep this in mind: if you are going to plan to hunker down for an extended period of time without the proper supplies. Ideally if you have to wait out a disaster you should have enough supplies to last for a few weeks before making the decision to bug-out to a more rural or undercover location.

Number 6 – Container Gardening:
Container gardening is extremely beneficial, especially if you are living in an urban environment. You don’t need large plots of land or soil to grow your own produce. Container gardening is great because it allows you to grow your produce without taking up a great deal of space. Not only is container gardening a great hobby to start but it may one day save your life. If you are going to hunker down in an urban environment, learning how to container garden is essential. There are numerous books and YouTube tutorials on container gardening that can help you start out slow. Container gardening is also very inexpensive, with most starter kits at a reasonable price. Several tutorials can help you create your own DIY container gardening kits. This is essential when during a disaster and you may need to create a garden out of only the limited supplies you have access to.

Number 7 – Navigation:
This may seem like common sense to new readers, but many people don’t know how to properly navigate a new city or environment. Even if you’re on a trip or only staying in a city for a few days, you should still take some time to learn the major roads and intersections. Just because you’re on vacation or a business trip doesn’t lower the chances that a disaster might occur. Take a few moments before you leave or when you are traveling to look at a map and identify the major thoroughfares. If a disaster does occur you will quickly be able to recollect this data which may eventually save your life and allow you a quick evacuation.
This same principal applies to the area that you currently live in. Many people know their city like the back of their hand, but still some people rely on their cell phones for navigation. If you are one of these people you should learn both the main and back roads. Cell phone towers are usually congested and fail during a disaster so you need to build up your navigation skillset.

Number 8 – Proper Heating:
Cooking and heating are going to be two of your main problems if you decide to hunker down in an urban environment. There simply isn’t a lot of space and cooking, and heating in your apartment will be quite difficult and very dangerous. There are slow and low burning fuel sources that you can utilize to help heat your food supply that you can purchase online. The problem that you may encounter is that long term survival will require large fuel sources. You may need to have access to a rooftop or patio to safely use these fuel sources. This can lead to unnecessary attention and can be problematic especially if unwanted persons figure out that you have a comprehensive food supply. Whatever your goals may be there are fuel sources online that can help you achieve your goal. We recommend that you look into investing in these products.

Number 9 – Water Filters:
When living in an urban environment, one of the first problems that occur is a stoppage of running water. With poor sanitation and a lack of fresh water, living for prolonged periods in an urban environment will not only lead to disease, but also dehydration. While the human body can survive without food for weeks, only a few days without water can lead to massive problems. In addition to having enough water storage in your home, you should have numerous portable water filters. Ideally you should also learn how to make rain catchers that you can attach to your roof or outside your windows. There are tutorials on how to build these rain catchers and there are also pre-made kits you can buy to keep in your home and your bug-out kits. Water filters can save your life, especially if you are evacuating on foot and need to replenish.

Number 10 – First Aid:
Urban environments are prone to more injuries than rural environments as there are usually more debris, sharp objects, projectiles, and exposed metal in an urban environment following a disaster. Learning how to treat a wound is essential to your survival and that of your love ones. Simple cuts can quickly become infected and quickly reduce your survival timeline. Learning how to properly disinfect and treat these wounds is essential when living in an urban environment. Proper sanitation and disinfectant knowledge is also crucial, especially when sanitation services stop and bacteria and disease begin spreading. Knowledge of first aid should also be combined with comprehensive first aid kits in your bug-out bags and survival caches.




Blogger: Denise Ruiz -Founder of APTA



Patriots Unite 4 Survival

Standing Strong Together …

                                                   through today’s most difficult times presently hovering over us, yet another day in time we are to unite under the corruption of our president and failed government. As all of us patriots are in a high whirlwind of emotions, we allow these very strong characteristics to get the best of us. Finding ourselves in a division rather then a united nation. We at APTA have done the very best we can to bring all active patriots together and stay committed to our cause. Allowing misguided information and these very unlawful behaviors from other American patriots, who are to be united as brother and sisters with us. Has been damaged for just a small fraction of time. We all must remain focused and alert to world news and move in the direction of preparations, continued guidance from educated minds and survivalist. It is these very negative actions through social media which plays a big role in our own behaviors. We shall remain as is and continue to be active!


We want to thank all of you for continuing your patriotism with APTA.

Denise Ruiz/Founder

APTA Survival Items you can recieve for FREE!



APTA main goal is to help other patriots complete their bug out bag or survival preps. We know that not everyone is financially capable to purchase many survival wants and needs. Below we list a variety of survival items we can raise money to send directly to you and your family. Some items we have also reviewed and noticed, the purchase from their direct company provides charities such as providing clean water for those in need. We see that in making these purchases it benefits us all!

LifeStraw Click to visit site

lifestraw-personal-water-filter-f                    lsgo-v2-all-web2_grande

LifeStraw is ideal for hiking, backpacking, camping, travel, and emergency preparedness. The straw-style filter design lets you turn up to 1,000 liters of contaminated water into safe drinking water.With every purchase a child in a developing country receives clean, safe drinking water for an entire school year.

First Aid Kit 

This 106-piece first aid kit covers all the important things you might need in case of an emergency – without hogging much space. Simply put it in your garage, car or in your backpack when you are travelling-hiking, and rest assured that it won’t feel like 50 extra pounds!

 Radio Scanner Handheld Police Fire Transceiver Portable Antenna EMS HAM Two Way

s-l1000 The Amateur Radio operators, often called “hams,” are working in shelters, offices of emergency preparedness and many temporary locations being used in the disaster response.


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