Patriots Unite 4 Survival

Standing Strong Together …

                                                   through today’s most difficult times presently hovering over us, yet another day in time we are to unite under the corruption of our president and failed government. As all of us patriots are in a high whirlwind of emotions, we allow these very strong characteristics to get the best of us. Finding ourselves in a division rather then a united nation. We at APTA have done the very best we can to bring all active patriots together and stay committed to our cause. Allowing misguided information and these very unlawful behaviors from other American patriots, who are to be united as brother and sisters with us. Has been damaged for just a small fraction of time. We all must remain focused and alert to world news and move in the direction of preparations, continued guidance from educated minds and survivalist. It is these very negative actions through social media which plays a big role in our own behaviors. We shall remain as is and continue to be active!


We want to thank all of you for continuing your patriotism with APTA.

Denise Ruiz/Founder


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