Welcome Patriots!

Due to the actions of our corrupt government, it is every American’s patriotic duty to defend our country against tyranny. Understanding what that threat is and knowing what to do about it is vitally important. We must be supplied and prepared. Rather you have joined our FB group page or reading this blog site, you will always be updated on important information during preparations. APTA was created with all patriots safety in mind and the wellbeing of their family. Most FB groups have lost the true meaning of American Patriotism, the bond we are capable of having, during times of need we all must come together. APTA will live up to the responsibility all American Patriots should be and take action now! 
Once you become an APTA member you are now making a commitment to standing by your American beliefs as well as helping other American Patriots. Even just taking our homeless vets a warm meal to providing yourself with bug out survival items. Our group is focused on helping each member complete their B.O.B and be prepared for any state emergency. Your participation is greatly appreciated. If you with to help and be apart of APTA please email: American Patriot Products